Thursday, November 19, 2009

R.e.s.p.e.c.t [est06062008)

Back in my day respect was something u earned

Its wasn't something that was given to everyone in this world

But apparently things have change

But in my heart, one thing still remains

And it's that little part that's keeping me from going insane

It's the thing that that shows me was really "good"

The same thing that has me a bit misunderstood

The little part that makes me say I just can't give up

No matter how much the hard the road is I must be tough

That little part is called hope and I keep it alive

Because without it all my liveliness surely would die

I'm watching people bow down to someone who ain't a king

I'm watching people say and do 2 different things

Then they're the ones who act like they own this place

And walk around lookin down on others, what a disgrace

What about the people who don't realize how much pain they cause

Cuz at the end of the day they only tryna get in them draws

Its funny to see the "men" who think they make the world go round

But not really knowin they turned it upside down

With their "we run sh*t" type attitude

They start makin it look like they the ones who rule

Over me over you over everybody

But the fact that they are equal is what's hard to see

Anyway back to the hope I got

Imagine if it wasn't there, if I had let it stop

Let it stop growin on me

And allowin me to see

What's goin on round here ain't for me to be

To be stessin it and thinking I can do it alone

Its for me to realize how much I have truly grown

Grown closer to the Lord who's makin it an easier road

And showin me that its not about all the riches and gold

Gold is the color of the sun and please don't get me wrong

Material things make me smile but they cant keep me strong

Strong as the bull that represents my zodiac sign

But apart from that strong as the people who aren't left behind

Behind to struggle and cry

Behind the tears and the lies

Cuz they have hope u see

Bigger than you and me

Without the hope we got

We gon be stuck a lot

We gon have pain a lot

So we mustn't make it stop

Why give them all the credit like the cards in your pants

How bout we make a difference take a stand

A stand against the people who aren't worth all that respect

Respect is something you earn, not a thing that u just get

[kinda old but still relevant)