Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making It Mine [est05272008)

She said maybe it was her fault

He said naw u good

They said no pressure y u stressin it

I say God..maybe i should

Maybe i should give it all up

and make a find a new attitude

maybe i should pack up all muh stuff

&& show em how to get rude

maybe i need to just give them

That stank look i got

maybe i should do it like snoop

&& just drop em like its hott

but Jesus had other plans

He said no thats not gon fly

not in my book

&& surely not on my time

so i made the effort

to walk it out like unk

i decided to look to God

&& get rid of the junk

all the junk thats been pressin me

streesin me

testin me

all the pain thats be holdin me

moldin me

controlin me

all the people who been hurtin me

workin me

divertin me

so i packed it all up

in a u-haul truck

and said God take from me

&& wish me best of luck

cuz im movin on up to the big house

its time for my praise to be real now

its time to make my praise real in my heart and soul

its time for me to get up and regain control

i been givin it up

and abusin muh love

i been battered && torn

4gettin who was above

but im over that now and im proud to say

that i kno hes the one and only...hes the way

ima say it khaled...we da best

livin for J-E-S-U-S YES!

keepin muh head high nd muh mind rite

ima do it like Common and see the light!