Sunday, November 22, 2009

Different Breed

so im texting a friend of mine and the convo got a lil risqué. anyhow he tells me "i might let u have some of this" so i said to him "listen to u! if i want it i can take it. its not a matter of you givin it to me. trust that.!" his response took me by surprise ---> "ima diff breed. u cant take me. i aint easy." that made me weak cuz it was kinda sexy that a young man would say he aint easy. at the same time, it was a challenge that i cannot take but i would LOVE to overcome. then, it was an eye-opening/ thought provoking statement.

the thought of him uttering those words made me wet. yuuup, i said it lol. i could hear his voice in that statement and it was too sexy lol. ugh the lust is so apparent.! but...with all that lust came nothing but the thought of sex. there was no thought of him holding me and making love. it was pure, unadulterated sex. and to me, that was an issue.! along with the fact that this young man just told me he was a "different breed"

well ok so this is how i feel about sex ---> man and woman love each other so they get married and in order to consummate the marriage, they engage in sexual activity. it makes them one.! however, that's not how many people my age see sex now.! in my generation, sex is just bustin a nut and relieve "sexual frustration." UGH this makes me super angry. where is the respect? where is the love in love making.? have we, the people, allowed sex to dwindle into a selfish act of pleasure.? if so, that's a damn shame. anyway...point is, i cant have sex with this young man. its too trendy.!

next thing ---> "different breed." this ties into the previous thing cuz like i generation has allowed sex to mean virtually nothing and its sad.! wats even worse is that he said "im a different breed...i aint easy," therefore implying that the "normal breed" is easy.! DAMN! did you catch that? lemme repeat...the normal breed is easy. the chicks and dudes out here in my age group are easy. HOWEVER, that is why i have been referring to him as "young man" because he is not a dude. in the same manner, this young lady, ME, would never allow myself to be a chick or a broad or a female.! nope, not gonna happen. because i am a lady. and it is so depressing that i have to label myself as a "different breed" because of that.

point is ----> WE GOTTA GO BETTER.! we cannot sit here and let sex mean nothin and allow ourselves to be easy. hold you head high, you are beautiful and special. psalm 139:14.! READ IT =D do not open ur legs to every penis that comes along ladies. and men, stop sticking ur penis into every vagina that is willing. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT.! dare to be the different breed. maybe one day, it wont be so "different"