Friday, November 20, 2009

and im free flowing

just thoughts streming down my face
you call it tears
i refer to them as an exhibition
fuxk the definition
i take it to heart
wen you "take things slow"
cuz thaz just you lettin me kno
that u gotta let me go
green is my worse color
but im wearin it boldly
i love you
and you love me
no doubt but u seem
i dunno kinda stuck if u ask me
im scared
of losing what we have
me an you
you and i
jus you
i rahter lose me
that lose you
thats deep
like the way i wana feel u
if i lose me
in trying to find u
then ima just be you
and thaz not enuff
i gotta be me
so that wen ur ready
you can come to me
and it can be we
but u didnt learn that lesson
so you lost urself
in her
and so u are her
u found urself for a lil while
u came back
and it was us again
jovially being wat we were
but somehow you
followed the cheese
then got trapped
so once again you are her
you said its not the same
so i guess u arent her rat
just her tiny mouse
cuz some part of you is still you
but i want u
i want all of you
i need you not to lose
urself in her
but find urself
in me.!